Computer and Information Sciences Department

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Fr. Donal T. MacVeigh, S.J., Chairperson
Loyola Hall

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers four programs leading towards the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Transfer students who major in CS must complete a minimum of six Cs and/or Is courses at the College for the Bachelor of Science degree. Minor programs in management information systems and computer science are available to matriculating students. Certificate programs are open to all students matriculating for a degree as well as to non-matriculating students. Four certificate programs are available: the Computer Programming Certificate, the Business Systems Certificate, the Management Information Systems Certificate, and the Web Page Development Certificate. In addition the Department offers for students majoring in Criminal Justice, a concentration in Computer Science and Crime Forensics. The Department faculty also participates in the M.B.A. in Management Information Systems. If a student has extensive professional experience with programming or system design, the student should consult one of the full-time faculty members in the Department about a suitable course of studies in the major.

Typical Sequence of Courses

Cs/All options - Freshman (Varies depending on student's background)

First Semester   Second Semester  
Is180  (3) Cs231 (3)
Ma123*  or Ma143 (3/4) Ma124* or Ma144  (3/4)
Core Requirements (9) Core Requirements (9)
Total Credits (15/16) Total Credits (15/16)

*Cs/MIS majors may take Ma105 and Ma106 in place of Ma123 and Ma124

Cs/Cs majors who take Ma123 & Ma124 should take Ma230 in the summer.